International Primary Curriculum
International Middle Years Curriculum


Strategically IWS follows the learning theory of "Constructivism". The young minds are stimulated and allowed to come up with the unique ideas of their own.

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Motivation plays an important role in the pedagogy. Motivation is a technique that prepares students to be ready and enthusiastic to learn. So motivation in IWS is highly prioritized.

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With an advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the skills one needs to develop for his or her competent presence in the global marked has become a challenge and grooming up...

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Naxal, Kathmandu

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International Primary Curriculum

International Middle Years Curriculum

Why choose us

IWS stands out from other schools because of its unique salient features. We have a global recognition for our students with our international courses. Along with this, we have a proactive teaching learning environment for our students. We also value our stakeholders and invest on their participation for a holistic development of the school and every child associated.

We are proud to have our earthquake resistant buildings to keep our children safe and sound. We also devote our resources to provide top notch facilities to our students ensuring their attention and energy in the school.

Facilities provided

  • Whole school building has earthquake resistance property. Moreover the campus includes child-friendly premises and open space to play. A full-time, around the clock security guard ensures campus safety. School policy gives priority to individual care to all the students.
  • Extracurricular activities are available to the students and they are encouraged to get involved in creative arts as well as in sports. The activities include both indoor and outdoor sports such as swimming, taekwondo, football and others. Besides, music and dance classes make extracurricular activity even fruitful.
  • Demand driven excursions, study tour and short visits inside and outside valley are effectively designed for students of all grades.
  • Regular weekly yoga session is provided to students
  • School uses well equipped indoor and outdoor play resources.
  • The nurse is available during school hours to provide medical attention when needed.
  • Nutritious and healthy lunch designed by the professional dietician is served hot every day followed by snacks.
  • The library has more than 2000 volumes of books. The librarian works closely with teachers to supplement subject area studies.
  • Transportation facility is provided to the students. School has required number of clean and comfortable school vans for the service. Van escorts are on service for the smooth and safe operation of the transportation. Besides experience drivers are employed to handle the van.
  • All classrooms are brightly painted having sufficient access to natural light, and are equipped with child-sized furniture and corner libraries with age appropriate reading material selected by literacy expert.

Outdoor learning & tending to our school garden is a big part of our day.


This age group is playing their way to greater independence, socio-emotional growth and self.


The teachers are showing their way to greater independence, socio-emotional growth and self for students..

Staff 27+

Staff are working on forging social skills through collaboration

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